Altar Ego by Craig Groeschel is a great book.  I have come to have a love hate relationship with his books.  I love to read them and always come away closer to God. AMEN!!  I know that’s his goal.  But my toes hurt..  every time..  Altar Ego is about “Becoming Who God Says You Are.”  I admit, I like saying I want to be the person God wants me to be, but I don’t always want to A) trust God to help me be that person  or B)Accept that that person is better than the person I think I want to be.   Groeschel addresses insecurity, inadequacy, and more..     One of the things that I appreciate about all of Groeschel’s books is his honesty.  He admits that he still struggles with doing the right thing sometimes.  He admits that he depends on his wife and friends to help him be strong and be bold.   “Bold actions are born of bold beliefs”.. .. I’m a valuable child of God and I know who I am..  It’s time for me to be BOLD..  What about you?