You Can’t Make Me [But I Can Be Persuaded]  by Cynthia Tobias.

I have read several books dealing with the subject of the strong willed child or SWC as Tobias calls them.. Why?  Because I have 3 of them.  If   you have a SWC you have probably had those days that started and ended in tears.  Those days that when you sat down and thought about the cause of the tantrums you realized they were unnecessary.
This book helps you identify SWPeople in your household.  It’s not always about the SWC.. The book also talks about strategies for dealing with the issues, working WITH your SWC instead of against them.

There are tips for dealing with your own issues, when to back down, when to hold strong, when to ask for help, and even how to bring out the best in your SWC.

A book I will read again and again, if I get it back from the friends i have lent it to.

I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group as a part of their Blogging For Books program.  The book was free, but there is no other compensation for my opinion.