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The Skin Map

I recieved a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing, in exchange for my review. The opinions expressed are my own.

I have not read any of Stephen Lawhead’s books. I was so excited to read this and delve back into some of the fantasy “nonsense” I used to enjoy. Immediately, I regretted this choice. I struggled through the book, wanting to like the characters. I didn’t. The only character I truly felt a sense of kinship with at all was Wilhelmina. And that was a stretch.. Maybe our love of pastries?? The book starts out with a fascinating concept and carries it through. I think the idea that this book is the start of a series held the story back. I expect that those who read the next books will learn more about the characters and the story line and maybe fall in love with the series.. It just isn’t for me.


I was given a copy of Tim Down’s book Nick of Time: A Bug Man Novel by in exchange for my honest review. I didn’t catch the part about it being a “bug man” novel until i recieved the book. I admit, I let it sit for a few days because i was not interested in reading about bugs. Now, i can’t wait to read some of the other “bug man” novels! Downs did a great job developing the characters in this book. The man characters have interesting careers and quirks that allow you to take away some true knowledge about bugs, dogs, and life – it may not be useful information, but it’s there. Even though there are other books in this series, I wasn’t confused by any of the character relations. A well written novel with plenty of twists and turns. I didn’t get the Bible thrown at me at every turn, but it was a clean book. All in all a good read.

Hello world!

Fashioned by Faith …by  Rachel Lee Carter

If you have a teenage daughter, YOU need two copies of this book!  It’s that good.  I requested this book from, thinking it would help me with relating to issues of modesty with girls in our church youth group.  After reading it, I am passing it along to my sister-in-law and her daughter.   Rachel Carter has opened herself up to the reader and made herself vulnerable.  Vulnerability is a character trait that isn’t usually considered positive, but i applaud her for putting herself out there.     I tend to underline in books that i am reading and knew i was in  for a good read when page 2 had marks on it!

Not only does she address the issue of modesty, she attacks it.  Carter acknowledges that it can be a struggle to dress modestly and stay with the trends. Then she goes on to discuss the struggle that a woman’s choice to dress without modesty causes for the male’s who are striving to remain godly.   A  phrase I will carry with me from here forward is “If you’ve got it, protect it.” – an adaptation of the saying “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”  

Lastly, this book includes a 45 day Bible Study that helps women and girls be Fashioned by Faith..

I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  I receive no compensation and the opinions expressed are my own.